The new Parent Portal format is designed to give parents  simple, comprehensive access to students' grades, attendance, behavior and teachers. To utilize the Portal, you will need  login credentials, contact for a username and password.

Login by clicking the Parent Portal link under Parents on the school's homepage. Once you have logged in, you will have access to information for all your children's accounts on a single page.

Family Family Messages and Calendar will display multiple events for an entire family if you have more than one child in school -
there is a Family Calendar and a Calendar for the individual student
Messages Indicates when a new announcement  has been posted - you will find a list of school related messages by clicking Messages
Calendar Displays the current month, a Bell indicates an attendance event (Tardy or Absent) an A+ indicates an assignment, click either icon for details
Schedule Displays entire schedule-when you have selected one student - click on class name to view detailed gradebook
Attendance A detailed view of all attendance for the current year - only shows if a single student is selected
Grades This tab shows  a quick overview of all Grades By Course so far this year and a look at recently graded assignments
Behavior Shows all Behavior events for the current year
Academic Planner Indicates progress toward graduation for high school upperclassmen when assigned to a particular course of study, you will need to click Next to see the Planner
To Do List Assignments or future assignments that are not yet due or have not been graded
Reports This link contains other links to:
  • Schedule: This link displays the student's schedule, clicking on the name of a class takes you into the teachers gradebook for a complete list of assignments and individual assignment grades. Clicking a teacher's name will create an e-mail addressed to the teacher if your computer is set up to do so.
  • Missing Assignments: Displays a list of assignments that have not been turned in and are worth 0 (zero) points in the gradebook


  • Report Cards: High school and middle school have one report card for Quarter, Mid-Term and Weekly Progress grades as well as a Semester report card that includes the Semester Exam grade and Quarter grades. Elementary only uses the Quarter and Mid-Term report card. Report Cards will appear at the time grades are posted, a school notification will be sent

    To view or print a Report Card, Select a Student at the top of the Portal page (if you have more than one student), then click Reports in the left column and the desired Report Card to the right.

These are the same report cards that are sent home if you request a printed copy

If you are clicking the online report card under Reports on Parent Portal and do not see anything, you may need to clear your cookies and browser cache. Steps to do this for the most common browsers can be found here: Clear the cache for the browser you are using, then restart your browser and try the report again.

Fees A ledger of previous payments
Payments Check balances and make online payments for Food Service and Optional items
Food Service
see balances and transactions of student's lunch account. Choose a student and click Go for a detailed accounting of purchases
Account Management change password and update e-mail address. Due to new campus security, this has been disabled for all users, parents and students
Contact Preferences Use teh grid to choose the type of messages to receive and the delivery method: Voice, text, email.
Emergency, Priority, TEacher, Behavior and Attendance are recomended, General notifications are optional
Access Log Displays the number and duration of Portal visits
Notification Settings Choose the events you wish to be notified about

Feel free to examine all the links and information in the Portal. You can't harm anything by looking around and you can discover the depth of the information available

If you have questions or concerns, contact